Sellers FAQ'S

What is Letitme? is Canada's most trusted online marketplace. Our aim is to build a portfolio of products to meet buyers and sellers and to provide the best deals from our preferred suppliers, all in one place.

We are here to assist small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), businesses and individuals to grow and connect into worldwide supply chains. We are focused on working with strong, established and trusted suppliers so that our customers always can be ensured of the quality of products they buy from us. Our online marketplace and our dedication to the first-class customer service guarantees that you can trust us to buy and sell with a easy, reliable, open and transparent method.

We provide fair and equitable platform for sellers, with low service fees charges only on a successful transaction so that they can provide better price in order to deliver you the finest goods and service to our value-able buyers.

Can anyone register on the Letitme?

Registration as a seller is open to all, you will be able to register free of charge. Once registered as a seller, you will be able to complete and publish your business profile and start selling your products.

Who Are Sellers?

An individual or business owner Whoever is registered as a seller on can start selling products. In order to start selling, you need to have the following:
* Business registration
* GST Number
* Bank account and supporting KYC documents (Address Proof, and Cancelled cheque)

What do I need to start selling on Letitme?

You need to be a registered as a seller on Once you registered as a seller, you will get full administrative access to seller’s admin. You can login anytime, anywhere and publish your products and can make any changes in description, size, quantity, price etc. In your dashboard you can also check the new orders.

What is the cost for selling on Letitme?

Letitme do not charge for the product listings for the sellers. We only charge the service fee only on a successful transaction. So You pay us a percentage on your final sale value, only when selling is done successfully. Please contact us on for further details on our ‘Final Value Fee structure’.

How letitme process payments?

We receive online payments on behalf of sellers and automatically process payments monthly via Paypal to our sellers account for all orders received from 1st to 31st. Sellers need to provide their banking details and accounting information to transfer the payments to sellers account.

Still have more questions? Send us an email at

Where can I learn about the policies of Letitme?

Please refer to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy on the homepage. We strongly encourage you to read all the terms and policies of Letitme to help develop a trusted and safe marketplace.

What type of products can I sell on Marketplace?

As a seller on you can sell all the products under the listed categories. If you would like to request a specific new category not listed please send us email on

Restricted categories which you can or cannot sell

All the restricted products categories are listed in the Sellers Agreement page.

Who will decide the price of the product?

As a Letitme supplier you will decide the price of the product. As you know the shoppers always do research for price, quality before shop. So publish the products with competitive prices to attract customers and increase sales.

For any other information send us email at